“Gas Planet” by Arun Ahuja

[Illustration: “Natsuko” © 2006 by Romeo Esparrago.] Spatters of pure oxygen Poisoning us, bubble-hard Then comes the sweep cycle --methane never smelled so good * About the Author: Arun Ahuja is a science fiction writer with an MS in biomedical engineering. His piece "Pomposity Penalized" won Editor's Pick in the University of New Mexico's magazine. … Continue reading “Gas Planet” by Arun Ahuja

“The Midnight Carney” by Michael Jay Katz

[Illustration: “Lava Raft” © 2006 by Romeo Esparrago.] It’s two for a dollar the Whirlie-Warp ride just past the Fun House through the white gate climb the wood tower slide into the tunnel and disintegrate to cosmic scintillas a boreal glow in Devonian skies a sparklet of moonrise in dinosaur eyes a night planet's wink … Continue reading “The Midnight Carney” by Michael Jay Katz

“First Dawn” by Jason Maxwell

Illustration: “Space Artsyfact” © 2005 by Romeo Esparrago I clunked down steps in an eerie alien-twilight world. Deadly mist licked tenuously at my suit, Long fingers, searching fingers, An old world beckons. I stepped down into its arms. Dust rose from First Hesitant Contact with the damned place. But the world timidly opened its eyes … Continue reading “First Dawn” by Jason Maxwell