“Dreamcatcher” by Aaron J. Berg

Dreamcatcher, by D'Wayne Murphy
[Illustration: “Dreamcatcher” © 2007 by D’Wayne Murphy.]

When Cassie sat on the rooftop of her house
Late one night and looked up
Into outer space,
She wanted nothing more
Than to see a shooting star
Just so she could make a wish.

But, she wondered, does anyone on Earth
Know what these messengers are,
Or where they really come from?

From another planet
Carrying something deadly
Inside their rock formations
That can consume one’s hopes completely?

So, she tells her doubting friends,
When you look up
Into the night sky and see
A shooting star crossing through space,


And be careful what you wish for. *

About the Author: Aaron J. Berg is 21 years old and has written poems, short stories, and a few screenplays, and will continue to do so. He is a self-taught writer who reads books and screenplays to help learn his craft. This poem is his first publication so far.
Story (c) 2007 Aaron J. Berg fishinboy05@msn.com

About the Artist: D’Wayne “Dino” Murphy is a graphic designer and digital illustrator who creates mostly in the realms and genres of horror, science fiction, and fantasy, a far cry from his daytime job where he does graphic design for a well-known print company. Most of his work consists of pieces that can be used for bookcovers, magazine illo’s, CD covers, DVD covers, and accompanying illustrations for writer’s manuscripts or stories. He also does concept character creation, with a large focus of his work at this point primarily focused on the character’s face and mannerisms, but soon there will be more action shots and settings to come. He is an avid sketcher and loves drawing when he has the available time to do so. D’Wayne is hoping at some point to work with a game design company doing graphics and illustration and at some point character development. Right now he works with a few magazine companies doing illo work.
Illustration (c) 2007 D’Wayne Murphy dwayne.murphy@gmail.com
Web site: http://dino267.cgsociety.org/gallery/

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