“High Jump Willie” by s.c. virtes

Cycle Duels, by Romeo Esparrago
[Illustration: “Cycle Duels” © 2006 by Romeo Esparrago.]

A famous stunt man
tried to leap a lunar chasm
on an old-fashioned
dirt bike.

The media swarmed in
gave him top-billing
in the gap between two
reality shows.

They followed him
halfway to orbit before
getting bored and airing
some space-rugby reruns.

He was last seen passing
ComSat7 in a weird orbit
destined for eternity
flapping his arms like a bird.

No cameras were rolling
or sensors sensing
when he finally gave in
to the tired old sky. *

About the Author: Scott Virtes has had over 350 stories and poems published since 1986, even one piece in Analog. His latest poetry chapbook is “Afterlife 9” (2006). He has a new story collection coming in 2006 — “Blank Spaces & other dangers”, from RageMachine Books. His bizarre blog is http://unfuture.blogspot.com.
(c) 2006 s.c. virtes writer@scvs.com

About the Artist: Romeo Esparrago is an artist who believes that moons and motorcycles go together very well.
(c) 2006 Romeo Esparrago  

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