‘An Alien’s Love’ by LB Knowles

The Jacques Richarde Building shook. Students and teachers alike considered their escape route, but before they had the time to follow it, the shaking stopped. “Was that an earthquake?” Madeline Mullaney asked the attractive blonde next to her. “I think it was an alien landing on the roof,” Maria replied, to the surprise of everyone … Continue reading ‘An Alien’s Love’ by LB Knowles

‘Foetal Distraction’ by Monica Carter

Few leave this place alive. Entering through the heavy, green, odd-shaped door, Dr. Charles Dennis shivers. An inclement night: wind tears through the old house, the hospital, where desperate souls bury immorality, illness, fear of the immortal, or they bury themselves.  Tonight something other than death, sickness, and despair saturate the place; something else seems … Continue reading ‘Foetal Distraction’ by Monica Carter

‘Brain Break’ by Kris Knapp

Corrodel stepped through the telepod, fumbling with his mug and briefcase. He tripped, and hot coffee splashed on his white shirt. Jobe swiveled in his hover chair and chortled. “Bravo.” Corrodel sighed and set down his mug and briefcase. Jobe hovered back around. “Thirty seconds late. Old man Lipston’ll have your head.” He sipped a … Continue reading ‘Brain Break’ by Kris Knapp