‘ANNAM’ by Romeo Esparrago

Annam, by Romeo Esparrago
Illustration (c) Romeo Esparrago

I had returned.

to find Viet Nam.

To find my past.

To find my lover.

To find my Linh.

I returned.

So in the crags deep and distant from Tu Le,

I searched.

I search for my youth,

I search for my answers,

I search for Linh.

I searched.

I found only a temple.

With scars of my past.

And of scars,

beyond past.

Beyond war with China.

Beyond war with us.

Beyond war with les Francaise.


And of scabs,

beyond fear.

Beyond this time.

Beyond this place.

Beyond this dimension.


Within the temple,

I opened the scabs.

I opened the scars.

I opened the past.

I opened the horror.

I opened.

I had returned them,

to Viet Nam.

To our world.

To our present.

To our horror.

To you.

Oh, Linh.


About the Author and Artist: Romeo Esparrago was a mechanic in the 666th Fighting Foos Division of the Allied Astral Warriors Brigade. He is from the future but lives in our time, and this is retired before he was born.

(c) 2007 Romeo Esparrago

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