The Resurrection, by Carl Johnson

What do I want Escape from this chaotic¬†environment for the inherent inconvenience, the consequent struggle through which bores and repels me. Would that I could upload my mental profile into some cyberspace medium, that my biographical self, the consciousness of which, might be recreated in the process of some future AI entity's scrolling of past … Continue reading The Resurrection, by Carl Johnson

‘Subterranean Museum’ by Robert William Shmigelsky

Through the surface of cratered moon, shining dimly out to open space, celestial devices, collecting dust underground. Among the first exhibits included: the sandglass, Cupid's arrow, the scale, balancing pans of good and evil. Floors down, one could stumble upon the stables of the charioteer, Helios, the dark wet cellar of Tartarus. But undoubtedly, tucked … Continue reading ‘Subterranean Museum’ by Robert William Shmigelsky

Website: Odyssey Writing Workshop Blog

The Odyssey Writing Workshop has launched a blog for writers of fantasy, science fiction, and horror.  The blog will include insights into the writing process and the publishing industry, interviews with award-winning and bestselling authors, profiles of Odyssey graduates, podcasts, and more. More information: