‘The Man in the Cowboy Hat’ by Jude Coulter-Pultz

It's the same every night. The same nightmare every night for weeks. It never changes, and that makes it all the worse. In the nightmare, I'm only six years old. Even though I know I'm really sixteen, it doesn't matter. You can only run so fast when you've got the legs of a kindergartner. In … Continue reading ‘The Man in the Cowboy Hat’ by Jude Coulter-Pultz

‘The End of the Cycle’ by Thomas George

I was going back again, but this time would be the last. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone back, only ever really managing to remember the last two. Time plays tricks on the mind. I laughed at the irony. Explosions from outside the complex shook the room. I switched on the machine and … Continue reading ‘The End of the Cycle’ by Thomas George

‘Xavier’s X-ray’ by Kristan Ginther

Before putting the X-ray on the market for copious amounts of money, Xavier could not wait to try it out on himself. What secrets or inspirations lurked below the surface? He imagined that his soul was a stately jazz musician. Or, he thought, his soul could be that of a Labrador Retriever – smart, steady, … Continue reading ‘Xavier’s X-ray’ by Kristan Ginther

‘A Child’s Voice’ by Darren Joy

Madmen know. They shout it in the streets and in the fields but go unnoticed. Those dying know. They whisper it with their last breath but no one understands. The dead know. They touch the living in warning, passing silently over what were once their homes, yet go unheeded. And I know, though I no … Continue reading ‘A Child’s Voice’ by Darren Joy