“SciFaiku” by Tim Jamieson

Clonezetta, by romeo esparrago

our honeymoon —
Phobos and Deimos

wagon train holograph —
I program
an Indian attack

the mob shouting
“Human, Human!”

maternity ward —
the new baby’s skin

too sick to get up —
my clone
getting ready for work

scuba diving —
my buddy’s
webbed feet *

Art copyright 2004 by Romeo Esparrago

About the Author: Tim Jamieson is a Canadian, living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and has been published in various publications, including some online.  He has recently begun to try his hand at science fiction haiku.
(c) 2004 Tim Jamieson jamieson@moderndigital.net

About the Artist: Romeo Esparrago is a weekend virtual Ninja warrior for the Cantonese of Vaud, who on weekdays mans the flagship HMS Essec during the noon-6pm PDT shift that oversees the upper tropeosphere over the Americas, checking for flying saucers that might attack Athena’s Secret Oracle and stealing the Golden Sap on the World WIde Tree of Life on Mt. Everest.
(c) 2004 Romeo Esparrago http://www.romedome.com/emailform.html

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