‘Subterranean Museum’ by Robert William Shmigelsky

Through the surface of cratered moon, shining dimly out to open space, celestial devices, collecting dust underground. Among the first exhibits included: the sandglass, Cupid's arrow, the scale, balancing pans of good and evil. Floors down, one could stumble upon the stables of the charioteer, Helios, the dark wet cellar of Tartarus. But undoubtedly, tucked … Continue reading ‘Subterranean Museum’ by Robert William Shmigelsky

‘Brain Break’ by Kris Knapp

Corrodel stepped through the telepod, fumbling with his mug and briefcase. He tripped, and hot coffee splashed on his white shirt. Jobe swiveled in his hover chair and chortled. “Bravo.” Corrodel sighed and set down his mug and briefcase. Jobe hovered back around. “Thirty seconds late. Old man Lipston’ll have your head.” He sipped a … Continue reading ‘Brain Break’ by Kris Knapp

‘More Blood’ by David Such

The girl sitting next to him was hot, but damn she could talk. Jes was Sam Blood’s latest potential new girlfriend. She hadn’t quite separated from her current man, but Blood had a feeling that this was imminent. The uComm beeped in Blood’s ear. He activated it on silent while pretending to continue to listen … Continue reading ‘More Blood’ by David Such

‘The Package’ by Ilan Herman

Jeff was watching the news in his living room when a knock sounded on his apartment door. He opened the door and smiled at the rotund mailman, who’d been serving the apartments for ten years. “How ya doin’, John?” Holding a mid-sized cardboard box, the mailman smiled through his thick and graying mustache and asked, … Continue reading ‘The Package’ by Ilan Herman

‘The Man in the Cowboy Hat’ by Jude Coulter-Pultz

It's the same every night. The same nightmare every night for weeks. It never changes, and that makes it all the worse. In the nightmare, I'm only six years old. Even though I know I'm really sixteen, it doesn't matter. You can only run so fast when you've got the legs of a kindergartner. In … Continue reading ‘The Man in the Cowboy Hat’ by Jude Coulter-Pultz

‘Three Gold Pieces’ by Brock L. Noel

Illustration by Romeo Esparrago Sir Lochlan Mayes’s breaths were coming hard as he bent over in the stifling heat scorching the city streets of Goldenshore. It had been especially hot this summer on the coast of the Southern Sea, and today was no different. Lochlan put his hands on his knees, watching the sweat drip … Continue reading ‘Three Gold Pieces’ by Brock L. Noel

‘The God Project’ by James A. Ford

3rd quarter 2135 CE Northern Hemisphere President’s address "We stand on the precipice of time. Preparing to undertake a great adventure of discovery. One which we can only complete with cooperation and brotherhood. To finally and for all time answer that eternal question: Does God exist? To set aside the now-quaint beliefs proven to be in … Continue reading ‘The God Project’ by James A. Ford