“Paradox” by Michael A. Kay

Paradox, by Ellie Jane Tull
Illustration: “Paradox” © 2005 by Ellie Jane Tull

Ahmed Cohen is standing on the edge of the building looking down through the hundred metres of thin air which is, at the moment, the only thing separating him from something very wide, flat, and hard, not to mention a tad unfriendly to those who attempt to play chicken with it. It seems to him to be looking up and smacking its lips as if in anticipation of a good meal. The course the rest of his life shall take hangs on whether or not the policeman below him, the fat one with the megaphone, succeeds in trying to talk him out of jumping….

“Now look, son, what have you got to gain by jumping?” asked the fat policeman in a nice friendly tone.

“What have I got to gain by not jumping?” shouted back Ahmed.

Ummm, thought the policeman. “What about your life? Isn’t that worth living for?”

“Life? Don’t talk to me about life,” retorted Ahmed.

“Look, why don’t you just come back down here and we can talk about your problems?” pleaded the policeman.

“Believe me, no one can solve my problems. I’m a Physical Impossibility,” Ahmed replied, with a hint of ironic pride.

“Why don’t you give it a try?” suggested the policeman, unconvincingly.

Ahmed seemed to think about this for a minute or so, and then looked down again at all that oxygen between him and the horribly messy death which might await him. He seemed to come to a decision.

He stepped away from the edge. | He jumped.

About the Author: Michael A. Kay, also known by such nicknames as MK and Zarni, as well as an impressively colourful series of diverse and unrepeatable expletives, vents his naïve, youthful frustration at the world in his writing; quintessentially English in nature, he believes himself almost worthy of the title “author”. Living in Reading, a grotty little town to the west of London, has not hindered his enthusiasm, nor has it impeded his cynicism towards the world in general, and politics in particular, although his hectic life as a full-time student does tend to curb somewhat the time he has available to spend on his stories. It is, after all, hard to squeeze writing in around sleeping, eating, getting drunk, working in a local shoe shop, and, occasionally, studying. Still, he struggles on, and, at the tender age of 18, hopes to have a long and fruitful career in writing ahead of him. His middle name is Alfred, and he has never owned a hamster.
(c) 2005 Michael A. Kay mrscrewitall@hotmail.com

About the Artist: “El” is your friendly neighbourhood doodle-bug who likes nothing better than to… well, doodle. Most, if not the majority, of her pictures are the result of a persistent will to avoid school work, or to simply see how far a line will take her. Only just nearing the completion of her A-level course subjects, El has yet to discover further ways in which to fully refine her illustrative techniques through the delights of an Art Foundation Course. Although, with recent discoveries such as Photoshop 7.0, trial and error seems to be her way forward. Realism, chalk, paint, character design, tattoo design — you name it, she does it. Except writing bios… Maybe that needs to be worked on. “Everyone has their own thing. Being prisoner of a pencil is mine.”
(c) 2005 Ellie Jane Tull http://forsaken-scribble.deviantart.com/

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