Planet Magazine is the free, award-winning and groundbreaking electronic magazine of short science fiction and fantasy by emerging writers and illustrators. We’ve been online and in full color since January 1994.

Our goal is to encourage authors and artists and to just have fun. There could be other, hidden aims, of course, motivations that are obscure and uncomfortable, instincts linked perhaps to primal, nonreasoning urges regarding power and procreation — the very same forces, no doubt, that brought down the Atlanteans and their alabaster-towered oceanic empire.

And the Dark Gods laffed…

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Planet also has been published via Geocities, Tripod, AOL, eWorld, CompuServe, and bulletin-board services.

Planet Magazine is registered with the U.S. Copyright Office and may not be excerpted, retransmitted, or sold without the publisher’s permission.)

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Planet’s debut issue was published in the first quarter (January-March) of 1994 in DOCMaker (full color for Macintosh) and text formats (and briefly on actual paper!) and was distributed via AOL, Compuserve, eWorld, and other online bulletin-board services. A PDF version soon followed when Acrobat v1.0 was released (to provide color illustrations to PC users), and the HTML version (a webzine built with Adobe PageMill and later GoLive) was launched in 1996 on Geocities.com and later Etext.org, as free webhost space finally became available for non-business or non-university-based publishers.

In 2003, Planet moved from etext.org to its own webhost. Planet briefly published a Palm (PDA) format as well but soon dropped all other formats and focused on the HTML version, as it was becoming the prime format for online reading. In mid-2004, Planet converted to blog format (WordPress), when blogging software finally became easy enough for non-experts to install on their own webhosts and also offered enough features to compete with an HTML/webzine format (i.e., a blogzine format). In addition, with the move to blog format, Planet now publishes ad hoc, rather than quarterly. In September 2008, Planet moved to wordpress.com as a webhost, given the convenience and features (vs. maintaining a wordpress installation on a private webhost).

Earlier issues of Planet are available at the planetmagazine.com link provided above.


Publishing software: WordPress.com, an excellent blogging publishing platform that is free (but accepts donations, and deserves them). Visit WordPress.org if you want to download and install WP on your own website.

Design: The look of Planet is currently based on the Contempt theme (nothing personal, mind you). We’ve played around with different themes and logos in the past and likely will do so in future, although we have always referred to ourselves as Planet Magazine or as Planet, and we have used a Saturn-type planet as a recurring symbol of Planet Magazine since our June 1998 issue .

Planet Magazine is the verbal equivalent
of an enormous Death-Ray howitzer
perched crazily atop a Swiss alp
and locked on to certain, classified brain-wave patterns.

We are immortal.

Just an FYI.