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Planet Magazine: Wild Science Fiction and Fantasy — Online since 1994 — FREE!

Planet is the free, award-winning and groundbreaking electronic magazine of short science fiction and fantasy by emerging writers and illustrators. Our goal is to encourage authors and artists and to just have fun. There could be other, hidden aims, of course, motivations that are obscure and uncomfortable, instincts linked perhaps to primal, nonreasoning urges regarding power and procreation — the very same forces, no doubt, that brought down the Atlanteans and their alabaster-towered oceanic empire. And the Dark Gods laffed….

Current Site: http://www.planetmag.com

Original Site (webzine format): http://www.planetmag.com/index2.htm

Mirror Site: http://www.etext.org/Zines/planet

Planet has been available electronically via the Worldwide Web and Tin-Foil-Hat Receptron since its January-March 1994 debut issue. Total circulation is “thousands ‘n’ thousands” per issue worldwide. Feel free to download or make a single printout of Planet, as long as you don’t charge for it or alter it in any way. That would be illegal and, quite frankly, “not nice.” Until September 2004, Planet was a quarterly webzine; it now has a regularly updated blog-style format.

– Submissions are welcome (see separate submission guidelines).

– Planet does not carry advertising or offer a subscription service.

– Letters to the editor are encouraged and are likely to be printed.


Editor and Publisher:
Andrew G. McCann

Art Director Emeritus:
Romeo Esparrago

Staff Robot:
Ray Dangel

Tom Wagner

Copyrights & Disclaimers:
Planet Magazine as a whole, including all text, design, and illustrations, is copyright © 1994-2004 by Andrew G. McCann. However, all individual stories and poems in this magazine are copyright by their respective authors or artists, who by submitting their work have granted Planet Magazine the right to use these works in both electronic form and any resulting print-outs by readers for noncommercial, individual use. All people and events portrayed in this magazine are entirely fictitious and bear no resemblance to actual people or events. This publication, along with every past issue of Planet Magazine, is registered with the Copyright Office of the U.S. Library of Congress. Since our first issue, dated January-March 1994, Planet Magazine has been freely available on the Internet; a trademark for the name “Planet Magazine” is pending. You may freely distribute this magazine electronically on a noncommercial, nonprofit basis to anyone and print one copy for your personal use, but you may not alter or excerpt Planet in any way without direct, written permission from the publisher, who can be contacted at editor@planetmag.com. Any unauthorized access, reproduction, or transmission of Planet Magazine, in whole or part, is strictly prohibited by U.S. federal law and international copyright law. Planet Magazine is published by Cranberry Street Press, Garden City, N.Y., USA, Andrew G. McCann, publisher.

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